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Dr. Steve Wilson – The Role of Self-assessments in CLE – CLEreg July 31

This is the talk given by Dr. Steve Wilson to the CLE Regulators conference in Portland, July 31 2018. This version includes speaker notes for reference. [google-drive-embed url=”” title=” presentation-final w speaker notes.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”]
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KPMG paper – Evidence-based HR

Those with a rose-tinted view of how organizations and professionals operate might assume that important decisions are only reached after poring through reams of detailed and relevant information. But the reality is that gut instinct is frequently the dominant decision-making mode in many areas of human activity. For example, it was only in the 1970s…
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Creating an Agile Organization Starts With Decision-making

In today’s fast-changing business environment, organizational agility is of great value to maintaining a competitive advantage. So say the executives surveyed in a 2009 Economist Intelligence Unit report: “Organisational agility: How business can survive and thrive in turbulent times”, March 2009. Ninety percent of interviewed executives believe “organizational agility is critical for business success”, and…
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6 Great Tips to Improve Leadership & Decision Making

Just finished a podcast from the Centre for Creative Leadership on decision making myths, discussion how business executives and leaders can improve their decision making skills. They start off examining the paradox of leadership, and how ego and confidence can be great leadership qualities, yet also handicap team decision-making processes. The problem seems to focus…