Standpoint is a data science company that has been helping legal regulators, bar associations, public legal information providers, associations and foundations for over a decade.

We help teams squeeze more value out of their data, and use it to build stakeholder support where they need it most. Standpoint clients are more data-efficient in their operations, and more evidence-based in their strategic decisions, to better achieve their organizational mandates.

We help with both data strategy development and project execution; assisting teams to collect, transform, and communicate their data in ways otherwise out of reach with existing resources.

We’ve worked with a variety of legal organizations for over 10 years. Here are a few of the ways we’ve helped:

  • Successfully launching and operating jurisdiction-wide lawyer self-assessment programs (PMBR)
  • Proving the effectiveness of practice support courses and other CLE programs
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of public legal information and Access to Justice programs
  • Assessing law firm regulation programs and other transformative regulatory initiatives
  • Successful board & bencher proposals for additional strategic resourcing (eg. inside vs outside counsel) for legal regulatory teams
  • Closing funding and grant requests with compelling documentation and solid supporting data
  • ‘Data stitching’ diverse teams together in coordinated data collection initiatives in support of collaborative Access to Justice initiatives

“We engaged Steve Wilson and Matt Sims of Standpoint Decision Support Inc. to help solve an important organizational challenge that LSBC faced in 2016.

The work required extensive coordination among different managers and front line service employees. While not lawyers themselves, Steve and Matt quickly became highly knowledgable about many aspects of our regulatory and legal processes.

Their professional approach and on-time on-budget performance were key factors in the ultimate work product, which was supported by the team and successfully utilized in management and Board decision-making.

I would not hesitate to recommend them on the basis of this strong performance.”

Timothy E. McGee, QC
Chief Executive Officer, Law Society of British Columbia

Today, the team at Standpoint is focused on delivering scalable technology solutions to working lawyers and firms, through our online platform Avvy.Pro