Proactive Management Based Regulation (PMBR) aims to improve the “ethical infrastructure” of law firms by implementing policies and procedures that proactively address underlying issues and lawyer behaviors that can lead to client complaints.

PMBR has been an active topic among legal regulators for the last 5 years. Much work and discussion has been undertaken to understand what it can mean, and what the potential upsides are to regulators adopting PMBR principles.

Standpoint’s approach has been to find ways to compliment these discussions and efforts by building tools and frameworks to assist in implementing PMBR related initiatives.

Our approach focuses on:

  • outcomes based objectives,
  • a structured means to perform lightweight self-assessments, and,
  • an evidence-based analytics and reporting system to identify emerging challenges and strategically allocate organizational resources to address them.

Download Standpoint’s PMBR paper “Implementing PMBR – getting it right”

Download Standpoint’s PMBR paper “Proactive Legal Regulation – Review of Global Initiatives and Findings”

Objective Setting

Professional objectives should be the foundation and compass to guide attorneys through the phases of their careers. Poorly crafted objectives can be confusing and difficult to interpret and achieve.

Standpoint provides consultation to regulators on crafting well-designed professional objectives for their membership, along with scientifically sound, standardized metrics and methods for assessing performance.

Outcome: A comprehensive set of jurisdictional-wide objectives for individual members and legal entities.

Efficient Assessments

Paper and email surveys are a thing of the past. While cheap to develop and distribute, they are cumbersome to transcribe and analyze. As a result, they are often a waste of time and effort to both the regulator and the professional.

Online surveys provide easy access, anytime and from any device, and can provide instant feedback and meaningful reports for busy professionals. They also eliminate transcription costs and facilitate rapid and accurate analyses.

Standpoint can help regulators develop online PMBR-style self-assessments and can deliver leading-edge data analysis for maximum survey utility.

Outcome: A happier membership who spend less time taking surveys and more time running their practice.

Delivering Resources

The primary function of a self-assessment is to identify the gaps between objectives and reality. To close those gaps efficiently, professionals need relevant and timely Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources based on their individual needs.

Standpoint can help regulators establish linkages between the existing pool of resources and the needs of individual members.

Outcome: Optimizing scarce organizational resources to deliver the programs and training most needed by the membership.

To investigate developing your own organization’s PMBR program, please email Matt Sims or Steve Wilson of Standpoint to set up an initial call.