Better Evidence

No matter what the program or initiative, how will you answer the inevitable question “do you know if it’s working?”


Whether the answer is yes, no, or something in between, answer with confidence based on quantified evidence generated through rigorous analytical methodologies.

Reporting to non-profit legal organization stakeholders is the eternal task of leadership. Annual reports, operations reports, program reports, and funding requests are just some of the documents requiring well documented evidence on the achievement of your team’s programs and mandate. Demands to demonstrate organizational effectiveness come from the board, your staff, the public, and the lawyers or public clients the organization supports. 

Proving effectiveness can be difficult. Many teams have plenty of data on hand about the demand and delivery of their services–number of calls, files, webpage hits, programs delivered and so on–but how effective was all that activity?

Presenting evidence that the strategic decisions, programs and policies of your teams are effective both individually, and collectively as a whole for the organization requires significant data wrangling and communication design skills.

Standpoint understands this challenge better than most, especially in the legal sector. We’ve been analyzing and presenting complex data to support the needs of non-profit legal organizations exclusively for over 10 years.

We’ve helped teams create compelling reports that communicate the data surrounding a variety of initiatives, such as strategic funding allocations, CLE course effectiveness, funding requests, and pilot law firm regulation programs.

What results have our clients seen after engaging us?

  • Significant reduction in staff hours required to draft reports,
  • Better clarity of data to deliver important messages to stakeholders,
  • Proof of effectiveness showcasing program outcomes and results.

If you have an upcoming annual report, operations report, or other important communication to your organization’s stakeholders that could use a more impactful use of data, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact Standpoint’s co-founder Matt Sims, at for an initial conversation.

To investigate better reporting for your organization, please email Matt Sims or Steve Wilson of Standpoint to set up an initial call.