AvvyPro is a platform for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the data required of an evidence-based approach to regulation, planning and management.

Think of it as a knowledge machine that transforms raw data into rigorously analyzed and logically presented evidence to support various regulatory activities – such as CLE program management, complaint processes, and practice support.

AvvyPro is the data engine for understanding the needs, sentiment and experience of stakeholders in the legal system – such as lawyers, the public, legal organization staff, and others. Some of the programs and activities AvvyPro can be used to support are access to justice initiatives, regulatory change projects, complaint processes, continued professional development, stakeholder surveys and more.

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AvvyPro has been deployed by the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation in support of their proactive lawyer self-assessment program to the state’s 40,000 registered lawyers.

The program allows lawyers to quickly benchmark their performance against the Supreme Court’s rules and expectations, provides an easy-to-use planning tool to bring focus to their CLE activities, and, provides access to a library of resources.

In addition to the lawyer-focused resources, AvvyPro provides The Office of Attorney Regulation with a dashboard that reports anonymized and aggregate results of the self-assessments, giving The Office the evidence-based support needed to target resources and programs where they are most needed.

Other use cases

AvvyPro also supports a legal client survey module, which can be used to gather sentiment and feedback directly from legal clients. It can be deployed by lawyers and firms to solicit feedback from clients and to address potential issues proactively.

The platform can be deployed anywhere that feedback is needed from stakeholders to understand the continuously evolving expectations of the broader legal community.

Do self-assessments improve professional performance and reduce complaints against lawyers and firms?

There is mounting evidence to suggest that the answer is ‘yes.’ We’ve analyzed available reports and data from legal regulators from around the world, and the overwhelming indication is that professionals with increased self-awareness — the outcome of a well structured self-assessment process — make greater efforts to track and improve the gaps they discover in their professional performance.

Increased professional self-awareness provides many other benefits, including:

  • Avoiding pitfalls and improving competitive advantage, by leveraging objective feedback on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Better decision-making skills. Knowing who you are as a professional leads to stronger intuition, better judgement, and to increased confidence in decisions.
  • Lower stress. It’s difficult to cope with poor results when you don’t understand what causes them.
  • Stronger motivation. Professional self-awareness is empowering, because knowing where you are and where you want to be, and by seeing a pathway to get there, makes all the difference in staying focused and motivated.