Do Professionals Need More Rules?

We didn’t think so.

Standpoint believes professionals, the vast majority of them anyway, need two things to avoid issues:

  1. A rigorous set of professional objectives, and,
  2. Adequate resources to achieve them.

We’re here to help professionals get ahead.

Through many years working as consultants in the legal space, we’ve come to appreciate the many challenges professional lawyers face today:

  • Intense competitive pressures
  • Evolving and more demanding client expectations
  • A lack of modern and relevant professional tools and resources

To address these and other issues, the team at Standpoint began using their knowledge on professionalism, data science and the human condition to create products that help professionals be better professionals.

Succession Plans Made Easy

We noticed a lot of pressure on solo and small firm lawyers to have documented succession plans in place. But the resources available to create these plans are varied, cumbersome, and documenting a plan drains precious billable hours from an already busy day.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone sat down with you, took 10 minutes to ask you a few simple questions, and then magically hand you all the succession documents ready for execution?

Hi. We’d like to introduce you to Vyva.

It’s a succession planning tool designed to generate a basic set of succession plan documents in less than 10 minutes. It’s in beta mode right now, and for a limited time you can get a full set of documents generated for free until we launch the $99 paid platform.

Click the Vyva logo and give it a try!

A System to Manage Professionalism

In this competitive legal marketplace, professional performance cannot be ignored. In many cases it is the differentiating factor of success.

Managing professional performance requires:

  1. Clearly defined professional objectives that are measurable and explicitly tied to your ultimate goals,
  2. A continuous and consistent means to monitor those objectives so you can easily find and track the gaps in performance you want to address, and,
  3. A means to target those gaps with the relevant CPD/CPE resources you have available in your jurisdiction to continuously improve your performance year over year.


Standpoint has developed a quantitative framework for managing objectives, and monitoring your performance. A System of Professionalism, which will help lawyers who want to utilize everything they have to be the best in their field.

The beta version of this system is just a few months away. Be one of the first to try it out by getting on the beta trial list by entering your email below: